In the past, we also sponsored the An Sùlaire Trust that maintained this amazing sailing boat. Reiner sailed on it a few times across the Minch to the Outer Isles which was quite an adventure. Unfortunately, the boat has been snapped up by a different charity and we have lost contact. It's a pity. But never mind.


You will have gathered by now that we love art, and we don't just talk about it. The Brochs of Coigach have given five major works of their collection on a long-term loan to the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh. They are lithographs by Edvard Munch, the Norwegian guy of The Scream fame. The picture to the left is one of his selfies.

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We also love opera, so we have become supporters of  Scottish Opera's Emerging  Artists scheme. It's a bit like a cultured person's way of investing into Derby winners of tomorrow.


Last but not least, every time you use our fine handmade soaps, you support the Calman Trust that offers housing support, training and employment to young Highlanders who've hit the buffers and are looking to get back on the road to independent living.


This is Reiner with the Russian baritone Alexey Gusev whom we have supported over the last two years