Inside: cool and super hygge

We designed The Brochs as houses where we would love to live ourselves. Ours isn't half as swish.

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The bedrooms are out of this world. Unusual would be the understatement of the second decade of our century. Since we are pretty keen on art,  works by some of Northern Europe's top modern artists that would be the envy of many museums,  hang in each one of them.

Needless to say that you will sleep on the kind of super-comfortable mattress that Gleneagles and Inverlochy Castle Hotel use. Do we even have to mentions that there is underfloor heating throughout The Brochs?

... but also mega cozy. Or, as we say these days, hygge. So hygge  that it get's your creativity going, even if it's with your smartphone...


You will have gathered by now, it's all a bit quirky inside...

And the bathrooms! They really are quite something

else,  each with their own sauna.