The Brochs in winter
From autumn to easter time

In autumn and winter, the sun creeps low over the horizon and bathes the landscape in an ever changing light - a light that you would not experience anywhere else. It is a time of the year when not many visitors venture that far north. We think it can be the most rewarding time.

The optical phenomena of nature are quite something else. The panoramic windows of The Brochs of Coigach give you the feeling of being outdoors, though you are sitting perfectly cosy in your living room. At this time of the year, we are quite a bit cheaper, too. As they say at Tesco's, every little bit helps.


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Suilven, which apparently means "The Pillar", with a sprinkling of snow


If you like extremes, there are the  furies of a gale or the iced-up precipies of the highest mountains.

But soon after a storm, calm may be restored...


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