In order not to bore you too much with details, we will just show you three of out trophies.

The leading German travel magazine MERIAN has chosen The Brochs of Coigach as one of its worldwide hundred best destinations for couples. The Brochs are the only destination in the British Isles that made it into the MERIAN book "Einmal im Leben - 100 Reiseträume für Zwei". These are the pages devoted to The Brochs:

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We must not forget, though, to thank our architect for his vision and understanding of the landscape, and our wonderful craftsmen who made his ideas come true

Sketch drawing of Scàl's Broch


This page is our ultimate showing-off page. Just in case you are not convinced yet that we are top of the class. We have been awarded the highest possible grading by the Scottish Tourist Board and by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. Which is pretty unusual. VisitScotland's Regional Director Scott Armstrong put it in news-speak, "to achieve such levels of luxury while also adhering to the strictest sustainable practices is truly admirable. It is fantastic to see the Highlands tourism offering enhanced by these innovative and luxurious properties." 


This article is an excerpt from Red magazin's March 2012 "Best of Britain" feature


We are listed on a German website that only accepts architecturally exceptional holiday properties


A Scottish Field feature in May 2013