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Two awesome holiday houses       in Scotland's greatest landscape 

The Brochs of Coigach

All you hear is stillness. The stillness of a time long past. The cry of a sea eagle, perhaps. A hush of leaves in gnarled trees. Breaking waves down by the shore. That's all. Brochs are Iron Age roundhouses. There are several ruined remnants in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. The Brochs of Coigach are the real thing - but as cozy and luxurious and eco friendly as any accommodation you could think of. Or even more so. And every detail tells a story.

If you think stones, you probably think of something cold and clammy.  Scàl's Broch is anything but. Underfloor heating, open plan kitchen, a dining and sitting area that is 8 metres long and 6 metres wide. A  huge bedroom. Equally big, the bathroom. A sauna. All warm and cozy. And all around you, pictures by some of Scotland's best artists.


Gille Buidhe's Broch gives you a Broch experience

on a larger scale. Two bedrooms, two sitting rooms, enough for a couple that likes loads of space, for two couples or for families. Some people rent both Brochs for family holidays.

Gille Buidhe and Scàl were two brothers who are said to have been the first people to settle Coigach, the remote peninsula in the northwest of Scotland where we live. You can take that with a pinch of salt. But it's a nice tale. That's how the abodes that we named after them look from the sea. Just a part of the rugged landscape.

And if you need any more reasons to visit The Brochs, Red Magazine wrote that we are "The Best of Britain for a Wilderness Getaway". The German travel magazine MERIAN lists us as "One of the World's 100 Dream Destinations for Two". The Royal Incorporation of Architects (RIAS) named The Brochs as one of the best new buildings in Scotland in 2011. That was the year when we started. And The Civic Trust thinks the Brochs are one of the best new developments in Scotland "for design and cultural, social and economic contribution to the local community." Our favourite is Scottish Field's description of The Brochs as one of "the most memorably eclectic self-catering properties in the country".

Just call or email us! atering in Scotland

Reiner & Sheileagh Luyken, Achiltibuie, Ross-shire, Scotland

Tel: +44 (0)1854-622 368, e-mail: rluyken@aol.com


On your arrival, a small decanter with finest Scottish malt whiskey is waiting for you. You will also find fair trade tea and coffee, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and all soaps and cleaning products you need, wherever possible products with an eco label.


For a bit more showing-off, every year again it's recognition galore for us. We are getting quite blasé about it.

Oh, and Sheileagh, being the offspring of an old Achiltibuie family, is a font of local stories. The male half of The Brochs' creators, after getting tired of dodging bullets as foreign correspondent of the German weekly Die Zeit, tried his hand as a book author. His whimsical recollections of a German immigrant to Scotland, published by Ullstein Verlag, Berlin, run in their third edition. He now spends more time than is good for him with his collies and a flock of Blackface sheep. The pair recently found out in a Chinese Zodiac compatibility test that they are a "perfect match". Which, after nearly forty years of marriage, is just as well.


If the weather isn't as spectacular as in this picture - which, to be honest, happens occasionally - the views still are. Like the one below of famous Stac Pollaidh in shrouds.




If you think Scotland, you think most likely of wild nature. We are right in the middle of it.


Dotted over Coigach are half a dozen little villages. Our capital is Achiltibuie where there is a post office, a shop, a petrol pump and a small hotel. And the Free Church, which you see in the middle of the picture. No parliament and no government, though.  Behind Achiltibuie looms the Ben Mhor Coigach range which is as beautiful in winter as it is in summer.